The Lavin Entrepreneurship Center’s (LEC) 2016 Annual Report is a 75+ page book that uses mainly typography and photography. The book is used for the center to display what curriculum and events they have created or attended. The annual report was distributed to board members, faculty, and deans from various universities across the country, which is why the design solution needed to be professional. Previous annual reports for the center were formatted horizontally and the challenge was to create a vertically designed format for the first time. 

Frutiger is one of the main fonts used for branding the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center. Large caps as well as gray and colored text were used for hierarchy and variation.


The solution uses standard colors used by San Diego State University who houses the LEC.


I designed the cover as a collage to emphasize student success and involvement at Entrepreneur Day in 2016—an event that the LEC hosted that encourages students to get comfortable selling their own product. The entire report uses a lot of imagery of students and school faculty. The title pages use large imagery and use the text to cut-out from a fade in the image to allude back to the cut-out numbers in the cover. Since I am a big fan of white-space, I worked with a 3-column and 4-column grid to allow for simplicity and flexibility of the layout. Graphics were only used for quotes, dividing titles from paragraphs, and for the page numbers.