This project includes branding and illustration. The California National Parks’ project gives individuality to the nine national parks found within the state. Each national park has its own personal illustration of a view from the park and a booklet about the park and the brand. A person visiting the park will be able to head to the gift shop and find a booklet, an iron-on patch to commemorate the visit, and apparel or camping gear with the illustration on it. Whether the visitor is an avid hiker, a tourist, or someone vacationing with their family, the California National Park brand will give them a reason to visit all nine of the national parks.

The font chosen was inspired by the sans serif font found in many California road signs. However, this exact style of Proxima has rounded edges that add a fun twist to the plain sans serif.


A fairly limited color palette was used to be consistent so that the illustrations could appear as a collective set. To make up for a lack of depth within a line drawing, gradients were used as well as a grain texture to allude to the rough textures found in nature.


The shape of the illustrations and the brand logo are meant to mimic the green California road signs found all over the state. Some of the parks have a specific area of the park that is highly photographed and/or visited. For other parks, a specific type of tree or a typical landscape found there was illustrated instead.