Drink Better Beer is a project that includes infographics, magazine design, UX design, and branding. The designs were made to inform people about the benefits of choosing craft beer over regular beer. The research focused on maximizing the taste of craft beer so that my audience could include regular beer drinkers and drinking-age adults, who either don’t enjoy drinking beer or who have never tried any kind of beer. I narrowed down my research to elaborate on 5 important reasons to choose craft beer, how to pair craft beer with food, and why the craft beer industry has grown within the last few years.

The fonts that I chose were inspired by craft beer labels you see today. Many breweries use a combination of a sans serif and some sort of traditional or decorative font which was my reason for choosing the old western style of Kirsty with Frutiger.


Real pictures of beer, hops, and barley were used for color inspiration within the designs. The strong green color of hops were used in the main logo and as titles in the magazine spreads and the poster.


My designs are simple vector graphics with a 3-color background that imitates beer in a glass and the bubbles in the foam. My poster design focuses on the reasons to drink craft beer, such as the fact that it’s made with more flavors and less water than regular beer, there’s over 80 styles to choose from, flavors can be enhanced with certain foods, visiting a brewery can be a social event, and there is a rise in the number of breweries nationwide. The magazine includes the same reasons, but also elaborates on the history behind beer and how to maximize the flavor with food and a good pouring technique. The mobile app is designed to help people find their ideal craft beer style and then it goes on to explain the reason for that style’s food pairing and where to find a local brewery.